Monday, 30 July 2012

William Fox Pitt Comments on his cross country round

World number one, William Fox-Pitt, produced a gallant cross country clear – the fifth of the day for Brits - on his horse Lionheart, nursing home his tired mount to rack up 9 time penalties to end on a score of 53.30

Commenting on his round he said:
I wasn’t expecting him to be so tired at the end, he’s always completed easily within the time and I don’t think he can have felt 100%. I don’t want to make any excuses and you never do know but it’s very unlike him - I was just very glad that he went on jumping and that he got home. Hopefully we won’t need his score tomorrow and we can put some pressure on the Germans so they make some mistakes.

When he came up the hill at the back of the course I expected him to gallop on and he just didn’t really take me, it was quite hard work and that was very unlike him. He’s a very athletic, forward horse and I’ve never had to kick him in my life. That was quite a surprise, naturally its disappointing but the girls have gone fantastically today and we’re still in there. Once you’re not getting the time it’s about getting home safely incase anything happens overnight.

This competition is far from over. At an Olympic Games, people are always under pressure, they’re doing their very best - when people are competing things don’t always go to plan. It’s been a fantastic day for the sport. To be here in London with that crowd has been unbelievable, that’s an experience that none of us have had before and ever will have again.


  1. Will, loving the blog, thank you for writing it. Sadly I'm in France with no tv, will have to play catch up at a later date. but in the meantime you're making it so alive for me. Go Team GB!

  2. These blogs are brilliant! Goes without say all the cross-countries were too.