Sunday, 29 July 2012

Day Fourteen - Oh yes, we had some horses dancing today

Apologies for the last post being a little late....typical first day of competition. I always rise thinking, ok, there will be some glitches but I only have a couple of jobs to do so will not be too busy.... Like heck! Why is it that with all the planning and preparation....despite having Sophie and Sarah....... I still seem to fill my day. 2035 hrs.....just sat down for dinner / emails. Where did the day go? However, spare a thought for the Venue management.... Tim Hadaway's team finished the Team Leaders meeting at 2005 hrs and still had a myriad of work to do......they will be ready for a holiday after this one.

So things did creak a little at Greenwich.... not back of house but on the public side: however, it is worth remembering that this is a brand new venue and today it opened for the first time to the public...for 20,000 spectators. Quite a challenge when you introduce the myriad of rules and regulations that accompany a Games... add to that the 80+ functional areas that make up a Games Organising Committee ...and there will always be difficulties. Tonight we had a talk from an IOC representative about Rule 50 - this is the Rule that governs National emblems and manufacturers' .......pass the Rioja.

Oh yes, we had some horses dancing today.....and they strutted their funky thing. Nicola was first to go for the Brits.... Dodi (Opposition Buzz) is not a natural dressage supremo but under the watchful eye of a true dressage supremo (Tracie Robinson) Nicola and Dodi have been working very hard at circles and bumps. All that hard work paid off and the pair of them delivered a clear round...I.e. No serious mistakes. I have head that they were harshly marked...but here is a thing; if you do not like being judged, do not do a judged sport! 51.7 pen is a damn good result. Next to go for the Brits was Mary King and Imperial Cavalier. Archie has demonstrated an ability to let his exuberance loose upon his army of fans.....that would not have been ideal in a stadium of 20,000 fans...But Mary is at her 6th Olympic Games for good reason....she is a consummate professional who knows how to deliver when it is the time to deliver......40.9 pen and 3rd going in to the second day. Much will change tomorrow but we are happy with day 1.

Apparently one of eventing's most accomplished riders also has a squirrel problem at their Home Yard.....perhaps a post Games holiday is taking shape.....Nutkins beware.

On a more serious note...the perhaps unexpected stars of these Games are the soldiers, sailors and airman that are manning the "mag and bag" and providing the security. H5T were manning the gate in to the stables but it is now manned by soldiers (phew). So many people from other Nations have commented to me how helpful, polite, cheerful and damned professional the soldiers are that are on duty at Greenwich - they are right at the heart of the reason that the all are enjoying being at Greenwich. They deserve a medal........ Will that medal take the form of additional leave or a financial bonus........?

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