Monday, 30 July 2012

Kristina Cook comments on her cross country round

Kristina Cook and Miners Frolic flew round the twisty Greenwich course to be the fourth Brit home clear for the team and the third to cruise inside the time. The pair finish on their dressage score of 42.0.

It feels amazing. Coming here we knew that this was going to be a tough course to ride around. It’s very twisty, the ground is firm, it has fantastic grass cover on it but it’s slippy. We knew we had to go fast around the corners; I don’t necessarily like going that fast, but once a year I’ll do it.

Miners Frolic is fantastic, he was bred to race and I’m very lucky to ride such a class horse.

The others gave me a lot to live up to. Zara was giving me hell – she calls me granny but I’m clearly not! We’ve had a lot of fun, it’s a really strong team and it’s fantastic for me going in this position with William coming up behind us.

Tomorrow is another day; they’re five good jumpers on a good day. The Olympic experience is always more than anything else. We’re trying our best to come back with gold. He’s four years older, I know that he can cope it with it so we’ll be giving it everything.

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