Monday, 30 July 2012

Mary King comments on her cross country round

Best of the Brits after dressage, six time Olympian, Mary King rode Imperial Cavalier clear round the cross country, clocking up just two time faults to go into the lead on 42.10.

The course has been causing some problems and Mary herself was held on course after a fall from the rider in front of her.

Commenting on her round Mary said:

I'm thrilled to only have two time penalties. I was lucky, I'd jumped the difficult water, the steepest of the hills was about to come up so it was a good place for a breather. We could both get our puff back a bit and then the trick was to pick up the speed of the gallop again and get going.

He powered up the hills, they weren't a problem at all but he was quite difficult to turn. Archie isn't totally suited to this type of course but we felt he's so talented we had to bring him here. I knew he would be hard to steer as he loves to gallop. The Crowd in a way made him run a bit quicker so he wasn't always paying attention to me.

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