Saturday, 28 July 2012

Mary King comments on her dressage with Imperial Cavalier

Mary King rode a super, bold test with the switched on Imperial Cavalier, scoring 9’s for the highlights to go into second place individually behind Germany’s Dirk Schrade on 40.9 pen, their best score at 4* level. On entering the arena Mary held her fingers to her lips to signal quiet to the crowds who responded with uncharacteristic quiet; you could have heard a pin drop in the main arena.

Afterwards the stadium erupted for both British riders and both were visibly touched by the experience.

Mary King commented:

“Absolutely fantastic, I’m not usually tearful but coming in here with all the home crowd is emotional. I knew if they cheered that Imperial Cavalier would have exploded and we would have found it hard to ride a test after that, so although they were all behind me they were very well behaved.”

“People know he is a horse with tremendous enthusiasm and energy and I need all the help I can get from the crowds. He made a couple of errors when the tension got to him a little especially the last flying change but I was really pleased with his shoulder in, medium trot and half passes. This was close to his best score at this level and to do it in this atmosphere is amazing. I’m chuffed to bits.”

“He’s a very talented horse, beautiful looking, which helps a lot. The crowds seem to love him and so do I!”

Commenting on the cross country phase to come:

“It’s fantastically built with wonderful ground. It’s going to be a great challenge of horsemanship; a test of speed and agility. The fences aren’t hugely built but the time will be difficult – the speed will make the mistakes.”


  1. It was emotional watching the test - fabulous

  2. WOW.. another superb test such a shame these tests aren't available as catchup on the web...

  3. I cried all the way through mary's test....i suspect ill be crying buckets today too! Keep being fantastic guys! :-)