Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Day Nine - Logistics, logistics, logistics

Change is afoot....walking back to our accommodation last night, we were greeted by the sight of a fleet of lorries dropping red and white barriers off around Greenwich; there are now one way systems in place thus allowing the pavements to be widened to ensure that spectators can have a safe walk to the Venue. This has caused some traffic problems but it seems to have settled very quickly (photo taken at 0830 hrs). There is no parking so it is public transport....

Greenwich roads
It would be fair to say that the “blood pressure” of the Greenwich venue rose a little today!  The Equipment Staging Facility (ESF)opened for business and thus the first horses and kit arrived.  We had taken the decision to send in the Eventing equipment today with the horses arriving tomorrow. We visited the ESF and saw the Swedish team arriving – all handled most efficiently. All kit was security screened before being transported to the Venue and then on in to the stables. 

Our kit arrived in the afternoon and once the pallets (feed, forage and trunks were all packed on pallets by the grooms to make for easier moving) were delivered to the stables an army of volunteers arrived to help unload it....what would have taken well over an hour was completed in 20 minutes; thank you, thank you. All is now packed away and the stables ready for the arrival of the equine superstars.

British kit arrives....

....the unloading operation
It would be entirely possible to identify some areas that creaked as they accelerated up to operational speed.  Yes, there were areas that a.m. were in need of attention but most of these had been fully sorted by p.m.  For those of us that are regularly at Championships / Games well before competition starts, it is entirely normal for areas to have issues – it is the speed and manner that they are dealt with that demonstrates the competence of the Organising Committee; what is also vital is that the welfare of the horse is never impacted on. The stables are spot on in Greenwich and the arrivals procedure for the horses was as smooth and efficient as any of us could have wanted.

The stables decked out in Team GB bunting
The manipulators (physiotherapists – human & equine) arrived this evening....just in time to miss the unloading the kit although I think Andy Thomas may have some clients for his plinth following the excursions. You can even get Team GB branded support tape (physios just love applying tape) – I need some of that!  We questioned Vicky Spalding as to who was looking after her kids while she was in London.....I am glad our logistics plan appears a little more robust...so if there are any Spalding offsprings not sure where they are supposed to be and when...ring your Dad.

Horses arrive tomorrow.....and we hope, some riders...fingers crossed.


  1. Thanks again for the photographs.

  2. great blog thank-you for taking the time to write this.

  3. So interesting to read all this behind-the-scenes stuff, really informative, many thanks

  4. Fab to hear what goes on behind the scenes. Can't wait to read more. Thanks

  5. Let the race begin! Hahaha! I feel bad for missing the whole event. Who bagged the championship anyway? It’s a good thing that the items were shipped right on time, and they’re complete and intact. That’s crucial for the sake of the entire event, don’t you agree?

    Saturnino Walmsley

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