Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Day Three – Tour Guide…on tour

I am exhausted; but it is a rather pleasant feeling. Another day spent in the Olympic Village; another day on duty as a Tour Guide.  Prior to Tour Guide duties starting, I made sure the fridges in the riders' and staff flats were stocked with a variety of drinks (definition of failure of the logistics plan - no Coca Cola Zero for Yogi).  I also caught up with some admin jobs: For example, collecting our VAP....Vehicle Accreditation Pass....this will allow one of our vehicles to use the special Olympic lanes that, whist unpopular with some, are vital for the smooth running of a Games.

Next task....some camera.  Fear not as I am Mr Communication.  So during the Games I will be lugging around;
  • One times Blackberry
  • One times HTC Smart phone thingy with a keyboard and touch screen.....get me (I can't use 99% of the functions but it is SMART!)
  • One times iPad (ditto to Smart phone ref understanding it)
  • One times Nokia phone....which apparently takes photos......
Please do not day I will is complex ok!  So I fear the rain...if all these Comms devices go up in smoke, I am going to disappear in a flash of blue lightening.

So I set off to capture images of the Village.........and my feeble attempts are far from Baileyisc...and trying to get them on to my laptop...that certainly caused my blood pressure to leap.

Back to my exhaustion and why it feels rather good; today I was Tour Guide for the eventing grooms....and they really caught the “Olympic spirit” bug.  We avoided yesterday's arrival / departure issues by meeting at St Pancras and using the Javelin....VERY efficient. I think they enjoyed it...well let’s not mention the star spotting (male star spotting)....and then there was the photo sessions...and then the shopping; are you feeling my pain???  But it was a privilege to give these hard working and often unrecognised people a taste of the Village - there would be no Equestrian Team without Grooms.

So I sign off and leave you with proof as to why I will never make a photographer.......

Very powerful symbols
The Olympic Village

The view from inside
Athlete's bedroom with presents
The dining hall
Flag raising ceremony
 The grooms validating their accreditation
One to show their grandchildren....
View from the Village

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  1. Really enjoying the blog and the pictures thanks