Saturday, 28 July 2012

Nicola Wilson comments on her dressage with Opposition Buzz

Nicola Wilson rode out first for the Brits on day one of the eventing dressage, filling her traditional pathfinder role. The pair produced a smooth, accurate test without mistakes to finish on a score of 51.70; perhaps fairly harshly marked. The crowd whooped and cheered when Nicola entered the arena and the pair stayed remarkably cool despite the rowdy reception.

 Commenting on her test Nicola said;

"It was quite emotional entering the main arena; it’s a fantastic setting, not that I had time to look at the view! So many cheers went up from the crowd and so I raised one hand to wave at the crowd to let Dodi [Opposition Buzz] know it was OK rather than let him get tense. It seemed to work as he stayed with me and really tried. We produced the best test we could have done; I’m very very proud and pleased with him. We’ve been very fortunate to have support through UK Sport Lottery Funding to improve what would be his weakest phase and it’s really paid off. I’m delighted with how he tried for me today.”

“I’m very very excited about the cross country; Dodi is a super horse to ride in this phase and it’s an amazing course, so different and that really makes it special. It’s beautifully presented and extremely twisty and hilly, the time looks like it will be tight to get. It’s definitely an Olympic course!”


  1. Way to go Nicola! You did yourself, Dodi and GB proud! :)

  2. Well done Nicola - GB is proud of you both :)

  3. Couldn't be prouder of the pair of you: what a fantastic amount of progress you have made in the dressage phase :) Hope the rest of the phases go as well: Team GB has the world's best pathfinder in you & Dodi!

  4. Just want to say how proud I am to be a supporter of the British Equestrian Team, you and Dodi did so very well. Will be supporting you all the way x

  5. Such an elegant test Dodi just looked amazing