Sunday, 22 July 2012

Day Seven – 10, 9 8, Go For Main Ignition

I have my own stamps...Royal Mail cool (see...I am modern) is that? There are so many great touches that LOCOG have brought to these Games; being able to have your photo on stamps is just one. It is things like this that make the Games and especially the Village special but also introduces distractions that have a real danger of impacting on performance. The athletes that stand on the Podium will feed off the Olympic “spirit” but will, at the same time, maintain a focus on delivering their very best performances on the Field of Play. I wonder sometimes how, as one moves further from the Field of Play, the concentric circles impact more on performance whilst having less understanding of the science of performance; in simple terms...what is the impact of the politics in sport on the performance of sport?
My 'cool' personalised stamps
 So back to being a Tour Guide today. The fickle hand of fate was kind and everyone arrived on time, in the right place and parked without damaging the Land Rovers...the later is important...overflow pipes have suffered in the past.

The main Dining Hall is becoming busier, with more food serving “stations” opening and hence, more choice opening up. Also the “grab and go” food stalls around the Village are also now open for, you red blooded males...not that sort of “grab & go”......but I so hear you.......Ladies’ Hockey is in town.

View from the eventing athlete's apartment over the Park

The Tour progressed around the Village, following a well trodden route but a new option was available today and that was a trip in to the main Olympic Park...and it was time well spent; the photos speak volumes.

walking towards the Main Stadium

the Velodrome from the river bridge

The Basketball stadium from another river bridge - note the raft of fireworks ready for the opening ceremony

The Velodrome from one of the pedestrian walkways through the landscaped park

Tomorrow the Equestrian venue opens; the moment has arrived. Am I nervous..? Do Bears poop in the woods...yes, I am nervous... but I do not have time to be nervous. Tomorrow we unload all the kit, set the stables up, prepare for the arrival of the equine stars. Tomorrow it starts. By 1700 hrs on 9th August all the equestrian medals will have been decided.... 

You want my prediction? Gee...I hate that question.... Well here we go...the Nations that win the medals will be made up of athletes and staff that can leave the politics at home, ignore the negative innuendos that circle equestrian sport, can soak up the positives of the Games whilst avoiding getting sucked into the plethora of distractions.... they will be the very best that retain the ability to demonstrate they are the best. These will be the closest equestrian competitions we have seen at a major championships / Games and I believe that the difference between medals and no medals will be tiny....those that can retain the mental strength to win will be the ones that leave with medals around their neck.

As Sherlock Holmes said (sort of)....the games are afoot.....


  1. Great blog! It's good to get to see what's happening on the inside and it makes me even more excited to go and watch!

  2. Loving all the picture of the village ,you are doing a great job.