Sunday, 29 July 2012

GB Eventing Dressage Coach, Tracie Robinson taming and now releasing the beast!

GB Eventing Dressage Coach, Tracie Robinson has been the lady of the moment for the GB Eventing team, charged with the responsibility of nurturing each team member to give their best in the dressage arena over the last couple of days.

Tracie commented:

I’m thrilled with them all. Opposition Buzz’s test yesterday was a real confidence booster, Mary’s test was amazing and that gave such an overnight feeling of positivity to the team. Zara rode beautifully today, it was an unfortunate misunderstanding between the two of them but other than that they were fantastic. Miners Frolic coped incredibly well with the most horrific weather of the day, plus the Perspex incident and then with William’s horse literally that would be the best test it could ever have produced at this moment in time.

I think that gives us an overall bounce and buoyancy in the team and great confidence to release the beast in the cross country tomorrow. Focussed and fearless, that’s always been the motto. We’re definitely in touch and the team are really hungry for it, this really gives us something to aim for.

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  1. Well done you guys, thinking of you and the horses all the way. Great stuff Nicola, professional as ever Mary, incredible perseverance Tina, fantastic PB William and wonderful that you're at the Olympics Zara. Good luck terrific team! Keep safe, have fun and enjoy, Lisa