Thursday, 26 July 2012

I Give Up - What Day Is It?!

I am loosing track of how long I have been here and am now focused on how long it is until the referees whistle goes for the start of the match. admin seems endless and sometimes I wish I could find the person that invented email and ask them to have a haunts me, hunts me and hampers me on a day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute basis....arrggghhhh.

The Draw has been kind to us; GBR runs 17th of 22 Nations with SWE and NZL the only Teams after us....and they are very strong Teams!

Training day today. There are a wide choice of training areas available, most of which are situated between the stables and the Main Arena. Greenwich Park is on a slope (yes, I am fully aware there is a socking big hill....but the northerly end where the arena is, is also on a slope) and the Arena and many of the training arenas are built on platforms....a massive engineering feat that is most impressive. Some training areas are allocated to Nations on a rotational basis, others are open to all. There is also an all weather gallop that runs along the side of the main road through the Venue. Some pictures will give you a better feeling:

Mary King rides Imperial Cavalier between the training arenas and back to the stables

Nicola Wilson hacks Opposition Buzz down the canter track

one of the platformed training areas

William Fox-Pitt leads Lionheart back from a workout with groom Jackie

Tina Cook exercises Miners Frolic under the watchful eye of Yogi Breisner

Training arenas built into the sloping site

The complex construction under the platform
As we have been looking a little at training perhaps now is a good time to remind all of the importance of the support we get from Lottery funding through UK Sport..... is the Lottery funding that has supported all the pre Games training camps, the tickets we have provided for riders / owners, the additional clothing, the veterinary support, physiotherapy, tack research; coaches travelling to riders' Yards; allowed some to stay in private accommodation; supported competition costs.....of course we are very grateful to the owners without whom there would be no Team but I think the Lottery funding has helped us prepare professionally and offer the riders / horses every support possible now we are at the Games. KEEP BUYING YOUR LOTTERY TICKETS!!!!! 

Challenge of the day....preparing for the Opening Ceremony;

 Last LOCOG Bus for the Village departs Greenwich at 1520 hrs

 GBR allocated training time in one of the important training areas (i.e. one that will be used as part of the competition warm up) – finishes 1715 hrs (some Nations do not finish until 1915 hrs....)

Opening Ceremony does not finish until after midnight.......I understand how important the Opening Ceremony is...but it does slightly dominate all else and is certainly causing me headaches.


  1. This is so appreciated when time must be pressing. Great pics and I just keep going WOW at the complexity of it all.

  2. It makes me feel a part of it all reading all this. Thanks once again.