Thursday, 25 August 2011

Nicola Wilson first to ride for the Brits

Nicola Wilson & Opposition Buzz
British team pathfinder Nicola Wilson and the 14 year old Opposition Buzz owned by Rosemary Search scored 52.70 in the dressage to put them in third place after the first section of the team competition. They presented a good test only marred by an error of course incurred by forgetting to reinback after the halt at A. Despite this Nicola recovered her poise to ride a soft, consistent test on the Trakehner gelding by Fleetwater Opposition.
“I had absolutely no idea before they rang the bell, I’m devastated with myself” said Nicola, “a serious blonde moment! I couldn’t be more delighted with him though - his test was as good as it could have been.  He stood still in his halts, I was pleased with the canter work too - he was lovely and stayed rideable through the whole test.”
Commenting on the cross country course Nicola said: “There’s plenty to jump, it’s an intense course and keeps up right through to the end but I’m looking forward to it. Saturday will be a different day, let’s hope I’ve had my brain blip!”

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