Thursday, 18 August 2011

Laura Bechtolsheimer ensures team GB takes gold in style

Laura Bechtolsheimer had a difficult Mistral Hojris on her hands as pressure mounted in the Kralingse Bos arena. It took all Laura’s considerable skill to guide the 17hh Danish bred gelding round the grand prix course for 77.280%. It was still enough to guarantee a historic British team gold medal with a record breaking score of 238.678.
““He was very flighty in there and too bothered by the noise which pushed him over the edge. I felt like a small blonde girl on a big ginger horse rather than the harmonious picture we usually go for!” Laura joked. “All arenas are different, some they like more than others, especially Alf [Mistral Hojris] who’s very sensitive to noise. I went to Aachen this year to practice in this sort of closed in arena – he didn’t like it there either!”
“Of course you want to perform up to the levels you know you’re capable of, but still I don’t think I can be too upset, this is still fairly indescribable.”

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