Saturday, 27 August 2011

Nicola Wilson and Opposition Buzz; clear inside the time

Nicola Wilson was first out for the British team with cross country specialist Opposition Buzz who was in top gear, flying clear 14 seconds inside the time, one of only two combinations so far to come home on their dressage score.
“Amazing, just a joy!” was Nicola’s reaction. “I felt as if I pressed cruise control; he had his wings on and was class from start to finish! I’m so, so lucky to be able to ride such a special horse. Yogi’s instructions were to get up on time and then take the long route through the Rolex turn. It goes against my grain to take a long route anywhere but it’s a dream to ride for the team and under no circumstances would I go against orders!"
"I have a fantastic support team out here, the grooms have done an amazing job and the horses and the stables are in first class shape despite the weather. There are a lot of British supporters out on the course too, it's amazing, the cheering as you come though sends shivers down your spine.”

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  1. I have known Nicola Wilson's career for quite some time ago for two reasons, it is my job as a member of horseracing bookmakers and second because I admire her a lot since the first time I saw her elegantly riding