Sunday, 21 August 2011

Charlotte keeps a cool head for her first GP Freestyle

“He was great, I was terrible; what a disaster!” declared Charlotte, yet the 26 perfectionist still rode home for a whopping 79.357% with the nine year old Valegro in spite of her misgivings. Performing their first every grand prix freestyle together the pair showed off their fabulous extended trot work and piaffe to music produced only a week ago by composer Tom Hunt.

“I was so nervous, my legs were like jelly; I just didn’t know what I was doing. I was waiting for the pirouette music that never came and realised I’d lost my way. I had to think ‘right, let’s get on with it’ and make it up. It’s so annoying because he felt so good, I’m very very happy with him but can’t help thinking how good it could have been. I definitely won’t make that mistake again!”

“This whole experience has been amazing though, the show and the judging; everything has been fantastic. I’m so lucky to ride such a special horse and the judges seem to love him. Next year he’ll be stronger and we’ll really be ready to rock and roll.”

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