Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Emile gets the Brits off to a flying start

On the first day of the Grand Prix Team competition Emile Faurie riding Joanne Vaughan’s Elmegardens Marquis led out as trailblazer for the Brits. He rode a cool, calm test with the 11 year old Michellino gelding to bank a reassuring 70.426%.

Commenting on the test Emile said:

“Really chuffed!” commented Emile “Max stayed relaxed and concentrated through the whole test. We had a small blip going into the arena where there’s a lot going on but as soon as I turned left I knew I had him with me. Everyone knows he is a hot, excitable horse but he has masses of talent. We’ve had a good season, both of us have come here well prepared and this has been our aim for the year.”

“Of course our ultimate goal is London but there are so many brilliant combinations in Britain we’re really going to have to go some to make the cut. We had to get a championships under our belt to even put ourselves in with a chance.”

“I knew I would be first to go for the team and that we had to get a solid base score on the board so I’m really proud of the horse for what he did today. I’m certain there is at least another 5% in him and his owner Joanne has always believed in him.”

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