Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Greetings from the land of orange!

I’ve arrived in the land of bicycles, cheese and all things orange for the start of a European Championship stint that will keep me out of the office for the next three weeks. First stop dressage and the beautiful wooded showground venue of Rotterdam. The main arena is already looking quite spectacular with a new purpose built permanent stand and its dressing of rearing topiary horses. Hopefully only the foliage will be leaving the floor!

As the showground builds around it so does the anticipation of what promises to be an exciting show. The British horses have arrived fit and well and last minute preparations and adjustments have all been made before the Grand Prix team competition begins tomorrow. The horse Inspection this afternoon went without hitch and I am pleased to report all the British horses passed; as usual they looked great thanks to the hard work of the grooms. 

The stage is set and the serious stuff starts tomorrow when all we can hope is that everyone performs to their best ability. Good luck guys.

Dickie Waygood is the chef d’equipe keeping everything running like clockwork – above Carl Hester has a small nap during team briefing earlier today.

View more behind the scenes photos from Rotterdam on the Team GBR Facebook page 

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  1. when you said orange the first time that came to my mind was the fruit, not the color haha. I worked in Holland for four years as a sports bookmaker and they celebrate many activities with their country flag colors, especially orange, you are right!