Thursday, 2 August 2012

The dressage begins.....

We all knew yesterday would be a long day. Slight delays with kit arrival meant completing the arrivals process of the jumping team took longer than planned. A slight glitch with some paperwork also reminded all of the importance of attention to detail; like everything at the Games, the difference between success and failure is paper thin.

The Dressage draw could have been slightly kinder to us but it is what it is...... in the team event we have 2 riders competing on Thursday and 1 on Friday; most of the other leading Nations have 1 on Thursday and 2 on Friday. Some say that the scores are higher on the second day but traditionally the better horses go last so...... our dressage Team running order is Carl, Laura,  then Charlotte.....the reasoning behind this will be released later!

Dressage and Jumping athletes are now settled in their accommodation; they are not living in the Olympic Village as we try very hard to recreate the environment that the athletes are used to. Most of the rooms in the Olympic Village are twin rooms.....the BOA worked very hard to give the eventing athletes single rooms but the Village is now full and that would not be possible for dressage and jumping. Being able to relax and live as they do when they produce their peak performances at other top shows/Championships is very important.

There is a new Olympic format - not only do we return to three in a Team with all three scores to count but for the first time, the Team medal will be decided by the combination of the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Special tests........the pressure is on.

So what did dressage day one bring......Empty stands...who said there were empty stands...not in Greenwich

The stands at Greenwich Park, packed full of supporters on the first day of the dressage competition
Well the scores are what the websites show. Extended canter seems to be our new worst enemy.... So much has changed in 4 years; who could have predicted in 2008 that we would be sitting in London with scores of 77.72% / 76.839% in the Grand Prix....that included a couple of small mistakes. The horses looked great and we are right up there and ready to re-join battle tomorrow. This Team competition is one for the long game......

Jumping (Showjumping in GBR speak) Horse Inspection next on the Agenda.......Yes, HORSE Inspection not whether the rider is sound.....

A few days without arrivals or departures to oversee......phew!!!

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