Friday, 3 August 2012

Charlotte comments on her record breaking test

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro rode a stunning grand prix test to rocket into the lead with 83.663%, smashing the British and Olympic record and in the process coming tantalizingly close to the world record of 84.08%.

Charlotte commented afterwards; "Blueberry [Valegro] is just unbelievable, to think he’s only 10 and we only started grand prix last year. He knows what he has to do when he gets in there he’s just brilliant and never lets me down. I just enjoyed it from start to finish and when you stop and have that crowd around you, it’s just magic.

"The marks haven’t been that high so I was hoping for an 80; my best before this was 81 so to come to the Olympics and smash that is a little bit crazy. I had such fun. It’s such a buzz I can’t tell you! I’ve been here since Sunday and I’ve just wanted to get in and do my piece. It was so exciting; when you ride in with all those people around you, it’s just amazing. I’m wearing my lucky breeches, the ones I broke the world record in at Hagen so maybe they helped!

"It’s an amazing opportunity to get here and ride a horse like Valegro and I wanted to enjoy it, you work a lifetime to get to something like this and I would have hated to go in there and put too much pressure on myself and then made mistakes. I just wanted to go in there and do what I would normally do at home or at any other show and that’s what we did. I never had any doubts that he would do it."

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