Friday, 24 August 2012

Groundhog Day meets Day of Mourning

Once again I am back in London; although a different room in the hotel, much the same view! Except, tragedy, the cable camera has gone: It was the cable camera, stretching from near the Royal Observatory, across the Thames, that gave us some of the most stunning TV images of Greenwich. I guess that with the Paralympics having a different broadcaster and the fact that the camera could not move during dressage tests, it was time for it to depart Greenwich.

We were greeted by the same enthusiastic LOCOG staff although there are some new faces amongst the Volunteers. Thank heavens we still have military doing the security / “mag & bag”; after we had finished in Greenwich for the Olympics I visited another Venue that had F2R security...within two minutes I was ready to scream.

Same drills, different branding (and some great branding that we have received from the British Paralympic Association); ParalympicsGB rocks! The stables are now ready to receive the equipment (0800 hrs tomorrow) and horses (1200 hrs tomorrow). The Para Equestrian Team have gathered today at a yard in Kent and will leave from there tomorrow: The athletes, carers and Team Manager (David Hunter) will head straight to their new home in the Paralympic Village; the horses and grooms to the Venue and the staff that do not have rooms in the Village will be transported by Perry Taxi to the Hotel. All very complex but I am sure all will work!

We had a little bit of a Carol Beer (think Little Britain) moment today when Sophie and Sarah tried to validate their PIAC cards (in English.....activate their accreditation). The computer said no and then it kept saying no. Briefly; for the Games you complete endless forms, some online, some in hard copy and then you complete more forms. Apparently the Carol Beer residing in the LOCOG system decided that Sarah and Sophie had not signed Form number 8974; anyway, all eventually sorted with 20 phone calls and a few emails; thank you Anna J of BPA fame.
New stables branding

Inspirational messages from Paralympics GB

They definitely rock!

Stable Fairies; Sarah Armstrong and Sophie Thomas

The road to the GB camp

So Groundhog day complete, stables ready.

Then the sad news. Canna, Mother’s trusted Labrador companion had to be put down today. He went blind a few months ago but things went from bad to worse and it was the kindest option. Canna was originally brought to replace Freoch who was just the most wonderful Labrador and my constant companion for many years. Freoch took a turn for the worse when I returned to Command the King’s Troop and parents found Canna. However, I threatened the Troop Vet with very prolonged and painful torture if he did not save Freoch and Freoch soldiered on for long enough that Canna really became Mother’s dog. Canna was not trained to the gun but he was a great companion and just loved being out and about. Farewell friend.

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  1. Thanks for the blog ,looking forward to the next weeks and the competition, good luck to all

    Sorry to hear about Canna ,its never an easy decision .