Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Brief catch up with the dressage riders after their tests today

We caught up with Carl Hester briefly after his Grand Prix Special test today, where he scored a fantastic 80.540%

“I was really, really pleased with that. I’m the one that has problems sleeping while Charlotte sleeps like a baby. I’m absolutely thrilled. I’ve lacked some confidence coming into this, I’ve only ridden the test once [in competition at Fritzens, Austria] and the score wasn’t so good so to come here, to better the mark by 5% and here of all places is amazing. The horse is the same here as in the arena at home and I can’t tell you what a comfort it is to have that.”

Laura produced a great test with Alf to score 77.873%, she commented afterwards;

“The old Alf’s back, he felt fantastic, he gave me the performance of a young horse which makes me feel really emotional. He felt fantastic and event though we had a few costly mistakes I was so pleased.

“I feel so privileged to be part of the evolution of dressage, today has been so special. The crowd –there’s nothing like it, it’s amazing to have all those people behind you.”

Charlotte, last of the Brits to ride today produced another fabulous test with Valegro to secure Britain's gold, with a score of 81.905% she exclaimed;

“My legs were like jelly, I was more nervous in there; I didn’t ride like I knew I could but he still felt really good. It’s so surreal but it was the ultimate dream to get here and win gold; Valegro’s the horse of a lifetime.”

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  1. Fabulous, fantastic, great job by Team GBR