Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Dressage reaction after a historic gold medal

After a nail-biting climax to the dressage competition earlier today, which saw British dressage riders win Great Britain's first ever Olympic dressage medal, we caught up with rider Laura Bechtolsheimer and Team Manager, Richard Waygood, to get their reaction on this momentus occasion.

Laura Bechtolsheimer - 

"People have been asking me for the last 12 months what it would feel like to win Olympic gold and it’s bizarre to finally be able to answer that question. It is just an incredible feeling. We’re very proud of each other and our horses. It meant everything to stand on that podium."
Richard Waygood, Dressage Team Manager -

"It’s so massive for British Dressage; it goes right back to people like Jennie Loriston-Clarke – you can see here there, stewarding on the edge of the arena, they’ve been great supporters so this has paid back all of their hard work. The three riders that we’ve seen today have been absolutely outstanding, it really means everything for the sport and for the public and what a stage to do it on.

"It’s absolutely fantastic - the showjumpers yesterday...... well the whole of Team GB, it’s fantastic, it’s like a snowball falling down a hill, getting bigger and bigger. Great medal count, great for equestrian sport. Yesterday really egged these guys on for today, it’s a fairytale story.

"These three are absolute professionals and when you’re dealing with professionals  they want to win, they want to achieve, everything else fits into place and today you saw with them real team work, great scores and behind the scenes it’s a well oiled machine. It’s really kicked off from the Europeans in 2009 where they won a team medal and it’s gone upwards from there which is fantastic. They say image is everything and now they’ve got the gold what next. All three are fantastic role medals."

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  1. I love the ?typo quoting Richard Waygood that the dressage team are great role 'medals' Lol! Equestrian Team GB we salute you - all the horses, riders, owners and support staff have made us immensely proud - Well done, and THANK YOU. Keep up the great work for these final two days xx