Monday, 4 July 2011

Pippa Funnell's take on the dressage and all things Test Event so far

"I’m delighted with the trot work, she’s a hope for the future with a bit to learn as she showed in the final halt but altogether I’m happy and this is an amazing experience” was Pippa Funnell’s assessment of her 44.1 penalty dressage score, putting her into third place at the end of the second session. Pippa rode the eight year old bay mare Billy Shannon owned by Barbara and Nicholas Walkinshaw.

"It’s just wonderful to be here; so far everything has been exceptional, if slightly surreal competing with the city right behind you. We all had the feeling that an Olympic equestrian event in this country would be just another traditional event but this feels everything but – ultra modern and like a proper Olympics."

"I’m so impressed by the stables which have been built on raised platforms that will be cover us in wet weather; they’re spacious and airy and plenty big enough - so important from a rider point of view."

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