Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Pippa Funnell survives a sticky moment to ride clear just outside the time

Pippa Funnell riding the homebred mare Billy Shannon added just .8 of a time penalty to her overnight score to finish the cross country phase on 44.9.

“The whole thing has a really good feel” commented an enthused Pippa Funnell. “But it’s felt quite nerve wracking this morning, almost like the real deal! I had a tricky moment at fence five when I think she was too busy looking at the London skyline but after that she picked up through the water and made up for it on the second stretch of the course. I think London 2012 will be just as much about the terrain as the fences and will really push ourselves as riders.”

“It’s really fabulous to be here, meeting all the kids and their teachers out on the course has been really special and given me a real buzz.”

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  1. it is a shame that Pippa Funnell's score was affected and finished on 44.9, I think she've gotta get good horse racing services to improve her performance hence her overall score