Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Piggy shines in Greenwich

“He was a good boy”, exclaimed a beaming Piggy French after having finished 4 seconds under the time, in 5.01, to go into the jumping phase tomorrow on her dressage score of 34.7.
“It felt like the going was fast. He looked at the water and it wasn’t as fluent as I would have liked - lots of kids ran over to look just as I approached which distracted him but otherwise he was brilliant. The course is relatively unknown territory, with twists and turns coming up very quick. I think for next year you would need an amenable horse. DHI Topper W is a very exciting, lovely horse and is improving all the time; you wouldn't say he couldn't be an Olympic horse.”


  1. does anyone know if this was televised?

  2. Hi Goofy Dog,
    there were several cameras there filming for news articles and footage but no-one actually covering the event as far as we know, sorry!