Sunday, 4 September 2011

A great day at the office.....

Yesterday was a great day at the office.  The final tally was;

•       Team Gold
•       Grade Ia – Gold & Silver
•       Grade II – Gold
•       Grade III – Silver
•       Grade IV – Gold

A truly outstanding result.

To bring ourselves back down to earth a few of the staff and myself went to Ypres to watch the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate.  The Menin Gate remembers 54,896 soldiers killed in the Ypres salient whose bodies were never recovered; each name is carved into the walls of this simple but oh so effective memorial.  I would like to put all those low life rioters, who decided to run amuck through the streets back home, on a bus and take them to Ypres and show them a dose of in your face reality......

We just made it back to the hotel before the heavens opened, the thunder exploded and the lightening lit up Belgium......luckily the storm blew itself out before today leaving normal service to be resumed by Team GBR.  Today is the Freestyle and at the time of writing we have secured;

•       Grade Ia – Gold & Silver
•       Grade II – Gold

I hope I do not sound either complacent or boastful about these results – they are the product of truly talented athletes being supported by a truly talented group of coaches, grooms, vets, osteopaths and managerial staff.  The standard in all Grades is going up and up – I have never seen so many 70% scores in all the Grades.  The next 12 months are going to require even greater effort if we are to achieve what we want to achieve in London.

So I have one question – has any of this success been reported in the National media.....?

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